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Alexander widegren, ceo and founder


As the founder of, Alexander has grown the business from a start-up to what is today the largest online mortgage broker in Sweden. With a background in software development and IT strategy, Alexander’s first experience with financial technology was in 2004 as a junior software engineer on the foreign exchange trading floor of the global investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein  in Frankfurt, Germany. He studied his bachelor’s in computer software engineering and business management at Lund University in 2008. Returning to Stockholm, Alexander delivered business projects to The Absolut Company, Chimney Pot and others before starting the successful mortgage transfer entity Lå in 2012. That business has since transitioned to, with its revolutionary digital prime mortgage.

''Ten years ago, someone would type an application in the evening and put it in the post the next day. Now it’s click, click, move. By digitizing and streamlining the application process, we’ve made it easier than ever for customers with existing bank loans to take control over their mortgages.''

''För tio år sedan var man tvungen att fylla I en ansökan på kvällen och sedan lägga den på posten nästa dag. Nu är det bara klick, klick, flytta. Genom att digitalisera och effektivisera ansökningsprocessen har vi gjort det enklare än någonsin för kunder att ta kontroll över sina bolån.''

Marcus widegren, Director of Institutional Sales 


Marcus began his financial services career at the equity sales desk of Lehman Brothers in Frankfurt, Germany in 2007. During the financial crisis, he returned to Stockholm with HQ Bank, where he headed the retail asset management branch of HQ Fonder and its approximately 25,000 clients. An acquisition turned HQ Fonder into Carnegie Fonder, a fundamental asset manager focused on three main areas; Nordic fixed income, Swedish equities and emerging market equity funds. Here Marcus turned his focus to institutional sales, as the net growth of assets under management from 2009-2015 was approximately 25bn SEK (from 20bn SEK to 45bn SEK) and Carnegie Fonder was awarded Fund Management Company of the year in 2014. Marcus joined Lå in 2015 as Director of Business Strategy and was appointed Director of Institutional Sales at

''We have conducted interviews and studies with institutional investors in the past two years, in and outside of Sweden. These conversations with investors have been very fruitful as they have been generous with their time and knowledge. Without these individuals we would not have this opportunity to make a mortgage as it should have been.''
''Vi har gjort intervjuer och studier med institutionella investerare över de senaste två åren i och utanför Sverige. Denna konversation har vi hållit med investerare som har varit generösa med sin tid och kunskap. Utan dem skulle vi inte ha möjligheten att skapa ett bolån som det ska vara."

Bengt-Olof lalér, chief credit officer


Bengt-Olof comes to with a proven track record of approximately 20 plus years in the mortgage and retail banking sector. Bengt-Olof began his career as Operation Officer with HSB Bank in 1998, where he focused on underwriting credits, banking regulation and operating routines. As CCO of SBAB from 2000-2009, Bengt-Olof oversaw a mortgage portfolio of 86bn SEK (from 140bn SEK to 226bn SEK). In 2009, he was asked to assume the role of acting Deputy CEO at Skandia, one of Sweden’s top ten banks, where he implemented risk mitigation routines, focused on corporate governance and operational procedures. In November 2015 he separated the Norwegian operation from the Swedish operation, with the intention of preparing Skandiabanken Norway for an IPO. Bengt-Olof was recruited to as CCO in 2018.

''A mortgage is a simple product. I have been in the banking industry for many years and I have been waiting for someone to simplify, digitize and price mortgages the way we are going to. It is exciting to be part of this revolution.''

''Bolån är en enkel produkt. Jag har många år bakom mig i bankbranschen och jag har väntat på att någon ska förenkla, digitalisera och prissätta bolån på det sätt som vi nu kommer att göra. Det är spännande att vara en del av denna revolution.''

Michel gyring, chief visionary officer


With twenty-five years of experience in entrepreneurship and business development in a global environment, Michel has worked in publishing, brand development, marketing strategy, visionary consultancy, real estate brokerage and now home mortgages. As the co-founder of Illuminated World Media, his team published Bible Illuminated: The Book, a revolutionary concept which was rated the 6th most important media innovation in the US, 2008. Creating a congruent "smart finance” process is a personal aim and also the subject for his upcoming doctoral thesis. 

''Personal contacts are often preferred to an algorithm, but when it comes to home mortgages, I believe velocity, simplicity and price will determine customer choice. It is the right time for Swedish home mortgage owners to finally get the interest rate they deserve for their excellent performance.''
''Personligt möte är ofta att föredra framför en algoritm, men när det handlar om bolån så tror jag att hastighet, tillgänglighet och pris kommer att vara vägledande för kunderna. Det är dags för Sveriges bolånekunder att få en konkurrensutsatt ränta som står i paritet med hur fantastiskt väl de sköter sina bolån.''

jordan nasser, chief marketing officer


Jordan Nasser left Warner Bros. in 1999 to start his career as one of the first US based employees hired by the global fashion retailer H&M. Known as the founder of H&M’s social media strategy in 2006, he moved to Stockholm in 2008 and was appointed Global Head of New Media (Digital Marketing). He and his team expanded social media and digital ad buying to all markets, created the mobile channel and top ranking mobile apps, and developed a customer database strategy, in addition to overseeing In 2010 he was promoted to Global Head of Digital, working with the design and strategy integration of and its selling channels. Jordan left H&M in 2014 to pursue a career as an author and published three novels. He resumed his career as Director of Brand & Marketing with Looklet, a digital fashion photography studio, in 2016. He was recruited to in 2018 as CMO, to oversee brand and visual identity, marketing and communications.

''I am excited to take 15 years of fashion marketing experience and apply it to the financial services sector. At, we have the potential to help so many homeowners, and I'm looking forward to showing them how easy it can be.''
''Det ska bli väldigt spännande att ta 15 års erfarenhet av marknadsföring från modebranschen och tillämpa den på finansiella sektorn. På har vi potential att hjälpa så många bostadsägare, och jag ser fram emot att visa dem hur lätt det kan vara.''

David Mobrand, Head of development


David began his programming career in 1986 when he started writing his first lines of code on a Commodore 64 he got for Christmas. After studying computer science and creative programming, he pursued a career within web development and system design, building web sites and systems for prominent companies such as Astra Zeneca and Volvo. In 2006 he established his own consultancy company to work with an impressive list of clients; Live Nation, Ericsson R&D, MasterCard, Bonnier, Chimney pot, DallasSTHLM, Depeche Mode, Schering-Plough, Vattenfall, ABBA, Absolut Vodka, RBS and many more. David joined Lå in 2013 to oversee and develop the digital platforms, software and algorithms, and continues his role with the transition into