Digital Prime Mortgages Lined Up at

March 19, 2018

Digital Prime Mortgages Lined Up at

Twins Alexander and Marcus Widegren to revolutionize digital prime mortgages with new venture

Stockholm, Sweden:  Through their new venture, brothers Alexander and Marcus Widegren will revolutionize Sweden’s complicated mortgage industry with their simplified offer of a 0.95% fixed mortgage rate for three years to qualified applicants via a streamlined digital platform.

‘’Ten years ago, someone would fill out an application at home and post it the next day. Now it’s click, click, move,’’ said Alexander Widegren, CEO of ‘’We have digitized and streamlined the application process and made it easier than ever for customers to take control over their mortgages.’’

Prospective users with an existing mortgage of 5 million SEK or less from any bank in Sweden may sign up for a waiting list today at, and loan specialists will evaluate the applicants for mortgage transfers.

About  At, the mission is to simplify and automate the online mortgage process resulting in increased transparency and accessibility in the Swedish mortgage market. By creating a secure and streamlined online application for their users, offers simplified access to one of Sweden’s best mortgage rates. Take control over your mortgage. Click. Click. Move.

Contact:  Please visit and for additional materials. Press inquiries, please contact

Jordan Nasser