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At, the mission is to simplify and automate the online mortgage process resulting in increased transparency and accessibility in the Swedish mortgage market. By creating a secure and streamlined online application for their users, offers simplified access to one of Sweden’s best mortgage rates. Take control over your mortgage. Click. Click. Move.

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Visionen för är att förenkla och automatisera den digitala bolåneprocessen. Resultatet bidrar till ökad transparens och tillgänglighet. Genom att skapa en säker, effektiv och digital ansökningsprocess för sina användare, erbjuder smidig tillgång till en av Sveriges lägsta boräntor. Ta kontroll över ditt bolån. Klick. Klick. Flytta.



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Take control of your mortgage.

Click. Click. Move. 

  • Swedish

Ta kontroll över ditt bolån.

Klick. Klick. Flytta. 


Logo usage


Our company name is, in all lowercase letters, always with ''.com'' at the end.

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Primary logotype

The color logotype should primarily be used. It is available with grey and white text.

The full colored grey text version should always be used on white and light colored backgrounds to ensure visibility.

The white text version should be used on dark backgrounds and when placed on images.


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Secondary logotype

The secondary logotype is available in grey, black and white text. The full coloured grey version should primarily be used on white backgrounds unless there is a black and white restriction in printing, then the black logotype can be used. The white version should be used on dark backgrounds.